ATVF Students Tackle Tricky Topics in 2013 Films

ATVF students landed themselves on the front page of the Woodstock Sentinel Review on Feb. 11 for their short film about gender transitioning in the workplace ( The film, titled Iridescent, follows a shop owner and her employee, who is in the first stages of preparing for gender reassignment surgery. I sat down with Iridescent’s director, ATVF student Elias Campbell, to get the behind-the-scenes take on how his team handled such a tricky topic. All ATVF projects begin with directors selecting scripts written by Sheridan students, Elias explained, and then directors pitch to the writers and faculty how they would approach the film. Iridescent was written by Brandon Zyma. “Not every director jumped at [this film] because there’s room to make a lot of mistakes and that’s scary,” said Elias. He wanted to be “as honest and realistic as possible” in his portrayal of Ian becoming Ivy, so he talked… Read More