Best Wishes in Your Retirement Andrew Bodor

Andrew has painted his place into many hearts at Sheridan for over 15 years, from students who will remember his inspirational ‘Master to apprentice’ critiques, to the hearts of his colleagues, we who are charmed by Andrew’s symphonic hand gesturing, eyebrow remonstrating and stomach rumbling laughter, — effortlessly turning a working relationship into a friendship. And his gregariousness, his irreverence, his respect will be sorely missed from all those committees that are made worthwhile mostly by the company they provide. There will certainly be a lack on LAC – without Andrew’s knack for aphoristic criticism. Damn where are we going to find another mad Hungarian artist? Every Faculty should have at least one. Someone, who in good humour can cut a clear thinking swath through the bluster filled babble of institutional conventions, all the while referencing learning and art and metaphor and reality and beauty. Where are we going to… Read More