Sheridan Students Collaborating on Animated Film with Communications University of China

Mid afternoon with the lights turned low, seven Sheridan students and animation faculty Stephen Barnes gathered around a projection on the studio wall to review rough animation sequences for Birdbrain, a collaborative project with the Communication University of China. Ten students and two supervisors/translators have already come and gone from Sheridan’s animation wing this summer, but production continues, and so does the relationship between Sheridan and the CUC. This was the fourth time that the two schools have exchanged students, with two trips to Beijing, China and two delegations visiting Canada. The exchange has developed out of Sheridan’s international initiatives (associate dean Angela Stukator has visited the CUC and consulted on their curriculum), and it also serves as a co-op opportunity for third year animation students. This year, Stephen Barnes submitted his story, Birdbrain, the tale of obsessive/compulsive scarecrow’s struggle with a murder of sensitive crows. He originally developed the… Read More

Laika Visits Sheridan College to Recruit Animators

“Betse Green, Recruitment Manager from the animation company Laika, paid a visit to Sheridan on March 12, 2013.  Sheridan has long been a destination on her list and we were very happy that she made a trip for us.  Laika has set up a formal College/University relations program, through which they will be hiring interns, including students who are returning to school and graduates.  Betse spoke to our 3rd and 4th year Bachelor of Animation students, as well as post graduate Computer Graphics students, and she held portfolio reviews with selected students.  Betse was looking for students showing interest in stop motion, Computer Graphics and story & design.  We hope that Betse and Laika will bring some Sheridan students on board soon as both interns and in permanent roles.  Betse had great feedback on our students and commented that they seemed eager, bright and very talented.  She was proud to… Read More