iMAGiCON: Art Fundamentals Students Reap the Rewards of their Work

Art Fundamentals coordinator Peter Palermo organized a special event called iMAGiCON for his summer students to reap the rewards of their work. Hosted by the Trafalgar campus student bar, The Marquee, students were encouraged to dress in costume for prizes. Then faculty gathered to present student awards. The winner were: Drawing Systems 1. Rossiter,Grace Arlene 2. Rueda,Richelle 3. Lucio, Michaela Paige 3D Design 1rd – Richelle Rueda 2nd – Andres Ocampo 3st  – Danielle Ferri Intro to Painting 1.Lucio,Michaela Paige 2. Richelle Rueda 3. Pak Kwan Sin 2D  Design 1. Daniel Ferri 2. Sunny Huang 3 . Amanda Malott Honourable mention: 4 . Alexandra Raymond 5 . Timothy Joyce Figure Drawing 1st prize- Grace Rossiter 2nd prize- Tyler Macneish 3rd prize- Richelle Rueda The Canada project winners First – Michaela Lucio Second – Raeanne Coyne Third – Liliann Lozanovski This past summer, Sheridan offered all of our core Art Fundamentals courses,… Read More