Art Fundamentals Students Launch Live Mural

For two weeks, Art Fundamentals students were literally counting down the days until the launch of a live mural, initiated by faculty Les Sasaki, co-ordinator Peter Palermo and theĀ Art Fundamentals Events Committee. On October 9th, a ribbon covering the 12′ x 8′ ft white plywood surface was cut, and students began to apply their creativity to the “Live Mural” space. Students were given the following instructions: The mural is alive, meant to be painted over and over again with the free-flowing creativity of Sheridan students. The idea came from a live mural maintained by Bachelor of Illustration students in their wing. The mural launch also served as a fundraiser for the Art Fundamentals program, as they managed to sell $41.21 worth of popcorn during the launch. (The next Art Fundamentals Fundraiser will be a comic book sale taking place October 29th, 30th and 31st). Like a live thing, the fate… Read More