Live Streaming Project Makes Art out of Green Space on Campus

“As part of our ongoing objective to transform the Trafalgar campus into a space that reflects the work we do in the arts, the following project will be launched this year. So far, we have been focused on providing numerous display opportunities for student work across the campus; on partnering with the arts community in the GTA for temporary installations; on working with Sheridan facilities to enhance the physical spaces we use every day; on developing an acquisition strategy for work produced by our faculty and students. This new project will address a singular, yet underappreciated and underutilized asset we have: our campus green space, which is animated by the meandering, unnamed creek. Robert Fones, faculty in Art and Art History, has decided to embrace this new project, leading the way with his fourth year Design students, and has named it Live Streaming. His description follows.” – Dean of the… Read More