Lyn Carter’s art piece “Bouquet” unveiled at Sheridan

POST BY RONNI ROSENBERG: Four years ago, we created the Campus Enhancement task force. One of its mandates has been to enhance Sheridan’s common spaces with public art. Committed to public creativity, the work of this group is now aligned to Sheridan’s Institute for Creativity. In addition to creating the The Temporary Contemporary project—an annual call to the wider arts community for a temporary art installation on campus—this group has also worked to develop a permanent art collection for Sheridan. We have collected works by students and our professors emeritus.

Sheridan College Nurtures Installation Art On Campus

Sheridan’s Oakville campus represents our artistic side, where the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD) supports artists by inviting the arts community to bring installation art on campus. This month, Derek Sullivan’s Endless Kiosk saw the end of its time in the Learning Commons. This installation encouraged students to interact with it as a piece of living art/architecture by using it as a posting board, in a sense shaping the work. Upon its removal from the Learning Commons, the column had widened at the bottom from postering. “The loaning of [Canadian artist] Derek Sullivan’s piece came about through a push to introduce a rotating yearly program of contemporary art at Sheridan,” explained Art and Art History faculty David Poolman. This program was initiated by the Space Enhancement committee, which is spearheaded by Dean Ronni Rosenberg and includes volunteer faculty from the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design. “After a… Read More