What is Sheridan’s “Visual Merchandising Arts” Program?

The Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design at Sheridan College includes over 30 different artistic programs, ranging from Game Design to Visual Merchandising Arts. The latter program is less understood, though it has been at Sheridan for over 25 years and teaches very marketable skills. In laymen’s terms, Visual Merchandising is the art of presenting products in a way that attracts consumers. The two-year program is made up of four main components: 1.Window displays/prop production 2.Fashion and Product styling – on and off figure 3.Merchandising-Hard and soft goods/fashion and non fashion 4.Two-Dimensional Drawings/Marketing Design Those who have passed through the B wing at Sheridan’s Trafalgar campus in the past few months have seen first year displays rotating weekly, as students apply their skills to real brands. In the past month, these display cases have been taken over by second year students. Both years have also presented in a floor-to-ceiling display… Read More