Fundraising Event for York/Sheridan Year-end Show, Jan. 17

The Fundraising Committee of York/Sheridan’s Bachelor of Design program presents: Haus of Tunes Coffee House – Jan 17, 2014 @ 9pm The YSDN Grad Show 2014 students have put together a cozy evening filled with acoustic musical talent for your entertainment. Come support the YSDN’s graduating students as well as local talent by attending! *** Tickets are $10 pre-sale, $15 at the door *** (Please visit the Event Facebook page here for ticket sale times and locations or to reserve a ticket) All proceeds will benefit the end of year showcase for graduating students Automatic raffle draw with prize giveaway Indulge in home-made pastries, tea and coffee

Bruno Degazio Develops Particle System for Music Composition – published in eContact

A serendipitous moment occurred in May 2012 when Bruno Degazio was asked by animator and fellow Bachelor of Animation Faculty member Dave Quesnelle for a piece of sound design for an animation project he was directing, entitled Sky Girl. This project was a co-production between students of Sheridan’s Bachelor of Animation program and a similar program at the Communications University of China in Beijing. The film is based on a Huron Indian myth, which describes the creation of the world from the sound of the drum. The way the Hurons put the idea is, “The sound of the Drum is the heartbeat of Nature.”  Dave’s sound design idea was to have a chaotic mass of natural sounds — frogs, crickets, birds, and so on — which gradually coalesce into a rhythmic pulsation, and then merge with the rhythmic beating of the drum. This is how Bruno’s particle system research project… Read More