Interpretive Painting Instructor, Clarence Porter, Inspires With Career Success

This week I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Clarence Porter, an active painter who will be teaching “Interpretive Painting” in the coming winter term. Clarence is one of those men who exudes an inspiring enthusiasm and passion about what he teaches. He wants to arouse the artist within Sheridan students, taking them beyond the fundamentals to develop their singular vision and message. Clarence Porter brings current industry experience with him to the classroom, as he is riding a wave of momentum in his own career. He is currently exhibiting a collection called VancouVIEWS at the Nathanial Hughson Art Gallery in Hamilton, where he lives. Some of the pieces from this exhibit are included in the pictures above. The paintings were inspired by Clarence’s first trip to Vancouver in 2012, where he as taken by the larger-than-life landscape. The VancouVIEWS are large and iconic Canadian scenes, with the… Read More