Art Fundamentals Students Launch Live Mural

For two weeks, Art Fundamentals students were literally counting down the days until the launch of a live mural, initiated by faculty Les Sasaki, co-ordinator Peter Palermo and the Art Fundamentals Events Committee. On October 9th, a ribbon covering the 12′ x 8′ ft white plywood surface was cut, and students began to apply their creativity to the “Live Mural” space. Students were given the following instructions: The mural is alive, meant to be painted over and over again with the free-flowing creativity of Sheridan students. The idea came from a live mural maintained by Bachelor of Illustration students in their wing. The mural launch also served as a fundraiser for the Art Fundamentals program, as they managed to sell $41.21 worth of popcorn during the launch. (The next Art Fundamentals Fundraiser will be a comic book sale taking place October 29th, 30th and 31st). Like a live thing, the fate… Read More

Peter Palermo Exhibiting in the Mayor’s Art Showcase

Peter Palermo, Art Fundamentals coordinator, is exhibiting his work in oil paint dealing with loss and memory. The exhibit runs from Jan. 18 to Feb. 22 in the Mayor’s Art Showcase at the Halton Hills Civic Centre, Georgetown, ON.