Sheridan’s Rafael Goldchain premieres new exhibit “I Am My Family”

Bachelor of Photography coordinator Rafael Goldchain spoke at the Five Artist Speaker Series last Friday, while also premiering his new photography exhibition titled “I Am My Family“. Princeton Architectural Press had this to say on the opening: “Old family photo albums are fascinating. If you’re lucky enough to own one, you’ve probably spent hours poring over half-faded black-and-white portraits of your ancestors, searching for similarities in their facial features and wondering what their lives might have been. Unfortunately, not every family has such easy access to their own history. Photographer Rafael Goldchain’s Polish-Jewish ancestors emigrated to South America in the 1930s, and many others perished in Poland during the Nazi regime. Also lost in the turmoil of war and emigration were most of the portraits of his extended family. When Goldchain became a parent himself, he decided to make up for this lack of evidence and recreate the lost generations… Read More

Rafael Goldchain, Photography Coordinator, Exhibiting at MOCCA and The Gallery at The J

Rafael Goldchain, the coordinator of the Bachelor of Photography program at Sheridan College, will have his work included in two exhibits in the coming months. In Character: Self Portrait of the Artist as Another @ National Gallery of Canada at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art “Since photography’s beginnings, artists have used their own body and self-image as subject matter, some turning it into the very basis of their practice. Photography has always been intertwined with the human propensity to look at others; the latter’s voyeurism taking over only where the photographer’s gaze leaves off. This exhibition, drawn from the collection of the National Gallery of Canada, presents works by acclaimed Canadian and international artists who explore the space between their own selves and that of another, expanding identity into the realm of role-playing through photographic self-portraiture. Included in the Exhibit: Bill Burke, Sophie Calle, General Idea, Rafael Goldchain, Rodney… Read More