Lyn Carter’s art piece “Bouquet” unveiled at Sheridan

POST BY RONNI ROSENBERG: Four years ago, we created the Campus Enhancement task force. One of its mandates has been to enhance Sheridan’s common spaces with public art. Committed to public creativity, the work of this group is now aligned to Sheridan’s Institute for Creativity. In addition to creating the The Temporary Contemporary project—an annual call to the wider arts community for a temporary art installation on campus—this group has also worked to develop a permanent art collection for Sheridan. We have collected works by students and our professors emeritus.

The Most Adorable Exhibit of All Time: Creative Minds, Creative Children @SheridanCollege

This year, in what may be the most adorable exhibit of all time, Sheridan’s Early Childhood Centres are celebrating the Week of the Child by exhibiting art work by our faculty, students’, staff’s and community’s children in the Sheridan College Art Gallery. Their art is on display from October 11th to 25th, 2013. This week of October 20th to 26th was proclaimed the Week of the Child by The Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario (AECEO) in 1980. The Week of the Child is a time for communities across Ontario to: * reflect on the rights and the needs of our children; * renew our commitment to improve the quality of opportunities for all children and their families; * review how well we care for and educate the future adults, parents and leaders of Ontario. Madeleine Schumann, Supervisor of the Sheridan College Child Care Centre, explained “we decided to celebrate the Week… Read More