Food for Thought: An Exhibition on display in the Gallery

All craft disciplines (Glass, Textiles, Furniture, Ceramics and Industrial Design) held their second collaborative studio project back in January. Two years ago, they inaugurated this concept with a project entitled “Shed” where students were tasked to work on multidisciplinary teams to develop a lighting prototype. This year the project was called “Food for Thought.” All five studios also participated in the huge charrette, which ran from January 12th to the 16th, and were tasked with developing a prototype around the theme of food.

Il Dolce Dieci (10 years of Sheridan Artists @Italy) premieres at Sheridan

The Sheridan Gallery featured its latest exhibition last Friday. Il Dolce Dieci will be presented from October 31st until November 14th. Since 2004 under the umbrella of the Sheridan Bachelors Programs, over 250 Sheridan FAAD students have lived, travelled & studied in Italy, and expressed unique responses to this environment. The initiative challenges participants to acknowledge both the traditional art historical heritage, and the irreverence of its vibrant contemporary culture. The exhibition celebrates a decade of the trip’s alumni, and requests these diverse artists to again reflect on the poetics and polemics of the Italian experience. We invite you to savour the samplings of the ‘sweet’ ten. Clemente Botelho, coordinator of the Bachelor of Illustration program, has organized the exhibit. Clemente has taught and lived in Italy helping guide and make the event a success over the past 10 years. They will host a free reception on Friday November 7th… Read More