Portfolio review day at Sheridan Open House an overall success

The Animation department at Sheridan College had the luxury of attracting many interested applicants on November 15th at the Open House. We estimate that the college had about 1700 attendees at the open house, and about 300 who had portfolios reviewed by faculty. Students from all over the globe including Florida, Delaware, New York and England attended the open house. Of the 300, about 160 were animation. Heather Fawcett, manager of student recruitment, commented on the day’s success. “Our prospective animation students and their families were very impressed with the space as were the reviewers.  Overall, I think it worked out very well,” she said. “The average wait time in line was  2-2 1/2 hours and I did not receive one complaint. Many of the students went in anxious but all of them came out beaming and said they were thrilled to have had time with the faculty.”

Sheridan Open House, November 15th 2014

Sheridan opened its Trafalgar Campus to prospective students and their families for Open House on Saturday, November 15. In addition to the usual activities and tours of our Open House, for the third year in a row, FAAD added “Portfolio Day.” This gave prospective students in Animation, Game Design, Illustration, Photography, Bachelor of Design and Interior Design a chance to have their portfolios reviewed by our faculty members. For the Bachelor of Animation alone, over 150 applicants from across Canada lined up with their families for a chance to have their work reviewed by our professors and experts. We opened our doors at 11 am, with the last students seeking portfolio interviews staying until 4 pm. Students were also able to visit our studios, see demonstrations and meet the dean, associate deans and program coordinators. Couldn’t make it to Sheridan’s Open House to check out our creative campus? Well, you can get… Read More