Student’s Paper Cut Art Wins Applied Arts Award

Sooeun (Mono) Ahn graduated from Sheridan’s Bachelor of Illustration program in June, and then to top it off she won the 2013 Applied Arts Student Award for Children’s Illustration. She was one of many winners from Sheridan who received awards. I interviewed Mono to learn more about her experience. Mono came from Korea to study Illustration in Oakville, Ontario four years ago. She wasn’t sure what “Illustration” really was at first, but through the years she found her niche. “I always want to do something different,” Mono explained, and what she found to do was paper cut illustration. “It is another version of Illustration. Instead of using a brush or paints, I mainly use a knife and glue.” You can see examples of Mono’s award winning paper cut illustration – called To Be a Fly on the Wall – in the slideshow above. “Since I found my new art skills… Read More