Sheridan Animation professor & stop-motion animator –Chris Walsh– creates horror film THE SHUTTERBUG MAN

Recently we reported on THE SHUTTERBUG MAN, a new film being helmed by Canadian stop-motion animator Chris Walsh. Now FANGORIA has an exclusive behind the scenes clip, and if the style Walsh adopts for this sequence is any indication of the final picture’s quality, we’re in for a shuddery experience, indeed. Says Walsh: At its core, stop motion has a real darkness. By darkness I don’t mean ‘evil’, I just mean ‘hidden in the shadows’. At an indie level, there’s something very cave-like and internal about the whole process of stop motion. You work in a darkened studio, by yourself, externalizing this personal world through sets and puppets. Then, in the shadows of the lit set, you work to bring that all to life. There’s something very elemental about it, something very primal. So I wanted to make a “behind-the-scenes” clip that reflected that mysterious and shadowy aspect of the… Read More

Sheridan Animation Faculty Teaches Workshop at India’s National Institute of Design

Sheridan Animation faculty Chris Walsh recently returned from teaching a workshop at India’s National Institute of Design (NID). The topic Chris proposed was “Stop Motion Animation Production,” drawing from his own expertise, and its intent was to create a short, stop motion film by the end of the workshop. Associate Dean Angela Stukator and the Dean of the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design, Ronni Rosenberg, have visited the Institute in India to develop our inter-college partnership as recently as December 2013. Andrew Ness and The International Office at Sheridan gave Chris the help he needed to arrange his travel. “My specialty in animation is stop motion, and since it involves a lot of hand-made work, hand crafting the puppets and sets, [Angela Stukator] saw it as a good fit for a school like NID that prides itself on production,” said Chris. Chris’s plan for the workshop was “on day… Read More