Frances Burney’s The Witlings Opens at Theatre Erindale, UTM

It was a comic novel that established the path for Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. Evelina was published anonymously in 1778, but it was such an instant hit that the identity of its author soon became known. Frances Burney, known to family friends as “Fanny”, was the daughter of a well-known composer. And overnight the greatest theatrical producer of the age, Richard Brinsley Sheridan (namesake of the village after which many local landmarks are named) was practically beating down her door. He wanted a comedy for the Drury Lane Theatre. And Frances was only too happy to comply. The result was The Witlings, a Comedy of Manners that is about to become the next offering in Theatre Erindale’s “Uppity Women” season. The first draft was read in the Burney drawing room and applauded by the greatest wits of the age. Veteran playwright Arthur Murphy promised to see the novice work through the revision… Read More

French Farce Montréal Style for Theatre Erindale!

For the first time ever, as its next offering in the 2013-14 “Uppity Women” season, Theatre Erindale is turning to French Farce.  But this French farce has a special twist. One of those ‘uppity women’ – Dorothy Lees Blakey – has set her translation in Montréal! The hilarious result, A Stitch in Time, runs January 23 to February 2 at the Erindale Studio Theatre. It’s almost the end of the 1800s, and well-heeled young doctor Robert Moulineux has been married for six months. But he’s not getting everything a young husband craves – he and his wife sleep in separate bedrooms. So naturally he goes off in search of hanky-panky … and gets himself all tied up in measuring tape, as his intended love-nest turns out to be a former dress-making salon, and the string of would-be clients includes his mother-in-law! Mistaken identities, outrageous excuses, frantic escapes – a snoopy butler,… Read More