Best Wishes in Your Retirement Sandy McKean

Sandy McKean will be retiring from Sheridan as of June 27, 2014. It is difficult to pinpoint how we will miss him most, since Sandy wore so many hats and leaves big shoes to fill. His own shoes are always seen in motion around Sheridan, as he works with all of his various teams: leading the Sheridan Production House, leading his faculty in the Department of Film, TV and Journalism, liaising with the folks at SIRT, developing new programs and curricula, and poising to launch the new Bachelor of Film & TV degree for Fall 2014 that he spent the last few years developing. Sandy’s multifarious career at Sheridan was launched full-time in 2006 when he retired as Director of Administration and Staff Development at CBC and took up his role as Associate Dean of Film, TV and Journalism in the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design. Prior to that… Read More

Ian Malone, Sheridan Media Arts grad, nominated for WGC Award

My cousin Ian has been writing scripts since his cast was made up of cousins and our costumes were whatever we could find in our grandmother’s trunk of old clothes. He went on to study Media Arts at Sheridan College and graduated in 2007. Now he is up for an award from the Writers Guild of Canada for writing an episode of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. A couple of years ago, Ian was recommended to the producer of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (T&BPE), Andrew Rosen at Aircraft Pictures, by a writer he had worked with on a previous show.  She heard Andrew was producing T&BPE and he was looking for a young writer to work as ‘Story Coordinator’ on the first season.  “She recommended me, I interviewed with Andrew and (showrunner/co-creator) Craig David Wallace, and the next thing you know I had the job.”… Read More