2019 Art and Art History Graduate Exhibitions: You Look the Other Way, Now Look Me in the Eyes

  Congratulations to the 2019 Art and Art History graduating class on their thesis exhibitions: You Look the Other Way, Now Look Me in the Eyes. You Look the Other Way, Now Look Me in the Eyes is a two-part exhibition presenting works by students from the 2019 graduating class of the Sheridan College and UTM joint Art & Art History program. The 21 artists whose works are presented reflect on their personal identity, often in relation to larger social and political issues. Confronting the challenge of establishing a sense of self within or against a collective, the exhibition considers the different personal, political, and societal frameworks that impact the artists’ creation of their work, and structure how they relate to the world around them.

Campbell House Art and Art History

Art and Art History Students Mount Contemporary Exhibition in Historic Toronto Museum

Earlier this month, an exhibition of work by the 4th year Print and Sculpture students in Sheridan College’s Art and Art History Program took place at the historical Campbell House Museum in Toronto. Students Angelica Brzyska, Becky Santo, Emiley Webb, Chloe Yang and Hailun Yuan responded to the history and setting of the site, working with themes of relationships and interactions. Each student choose a specific location within Campbell House to situate their work. The final exhibition, In-House Collisions, included works in print, video and site-specific sculptural installations.